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Monday, June 26, 2006

If I turn up with TB, I guess I'll know where I got it.

I went out yesterday to see the new Omen movie with a couple of friends. Even though the theater was nearly empty, an older woman came and sat right behind me. Why do people do that? Not only did she kick the back of my chair the whole time, but at one point she expelled a HUGE HACKING COUGH and I felt droplets hit the top of my head and arms.

I'll just pause there for effect. You can shudder with me if you like.

I was packing my trusty hand sanitizer, so I whipped it out, and slathered myself up with it, for the lack of any better idea of what to do in this circumstance. I'm sure she probably didn't have any nasty diseases, but still...

Nothing eventful happened for the rest of the film, other than the constant kicking.

I figured the worst had passed, then I went to use the restroom. As I was washing my hands, I saw a big blob of half-chewed popcorn on my shoulder.

I was not eating popcorn during the movie.

Oh, heave...

You know, I can handle a lot of nasty things. Mothers are routinely covered in bodily fluids. I can cheerfully go about my business with vomit in my hair IF IT CAME FROM MY CHILDREN. But, standing there realizing I was covered in some stranger's movie snack expectorate nearly did me in.

And, even though the movie was actually pretty OK, I found the spewed popcorn to be the scariest part of the experience.

OH YUK! That's gross. I hope you took a HOT shower when you came home.
Oh, not good!!! I hate someone sitting behind me even in a half full movie theater and I try to never sit right behind anyone...ever! But it's a good thing I didn't find a abc-popcorn on me...being prego, I would have def lost it!

That is all.
OK ewww! This is just so nasty. I don't understand people sometimes. Another reason I don't go to the movie theaters anymore! I can wait until they come out on DVD and not feel so violated!
Maybe it was an "omen" that you should have waited for the DVD. Did you see her after that? I'd have sooooo returned it to her in the form of a tissue bomb.
Nothing is worse than other people's semi anonymous spewage. That is just gross. There isn't enough sanitizer.
I. think. I. might. hurl. That's really awful. (so how was the movie?)
The movie was actually pretty OK. Not great, and they overdid the jumpiness a little, but still better than the atmosphere...
Ohh...sorry about that, I didn't see it land on your shoulder...

Seriously though IIIIICCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!
I think this qualifies as a Monday Memory, if it happened on Sunday.

My MM is up.
I came...I saw...I laughed..

What better compliment can I give a Blog?

Thanks forthe are funny.
P.S. Don't worry about coming to my Blog...I'm an idiot..and hate to get on-line (I have dial-up...and it's driving me nuts!!!)

Seriously though...great posts!
Yikes! That was terrible.
ummm- ewwwwwwwww
Found you through Blog Explosion and thought I'd leave you a comment because your most resent post was......horrifying.

It's my worst nightmare to have some stranger hack or sneeze on me. You handled it better than I could have...good on you! :)
Eeeewww, that is super duper kuhtuper gross!!
I've also noticed people who will park their car right next to mine - I'm talking really close - when there's empty spaces all around. The freaking parking lot may be nearly empty, but they HAVE to park smack dab next to me.
It's the same with the movie goers that invade your territory when the theater is nearly empty.
I just don't get it.
If you die from something in that lady's spittle, please will me that cool T-shirt rug. Thanks.
That's so super gross Jen. Glad that you didn't take me with you. ;o) or even invite me...

I think it's safe to assume that the hacker was trying to expell what you found on your shoulder... are you still heaving?
Grody! If the theatre is somewhat empty and someone sits behind me, I usually move before the film starts.
Just hideous.
Do you think that Anonymous had anything to say? ;o)
ew ew ew,

Wow, I think this is the most comments I've ever gotten on a non-Thursday Thirteen post! This must have really hit a nerve for people...
Oh gross! I have to admit though that your story was a little comforting to me because I thought I was the only person in the world that this kind of stuff happened too. I usually feel like I'm some kind of magnet for stranger's grossness.
Oh that is just gross! EWWW! Shudder!
That makes me want to vomit just reading it.
icky yuck

and i have to agree

Oh. Yuck. Bleah.
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