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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen


Thirteen Things I Learned While CAMPING

1. When the camp rangers warn you that you'll be sharing the campground with a bunch of folks attending the Bob Weir/String Cheese Incident concert, you should heed their warning and camp elsewhere.

2. Because, no matter how many Rainbow Gatherings, you've been to, or even if you've lived in a veggie co-op house and done the communal thing, these are not the kind of "hippies" you're used to, regardless of how they're dressed.

3. I don't know if it's because they were younger and don't know how to act or if this was just a non-standard group, but these were some of the most aggressive, selfish, angry "hippies" I've ever seen.

4. Not all of them, some were mellow and friendly and more what I'm used to. Definitely stoned to the point of complete loopiness, but harmless and comfortable.

5. Others were loud and belligerent, and raiding other people's campsites looking for things to steal. Foul-mouthed (and for me to even notice with my sailor propensities is BAD) and disrespectful towards people and nature alike, they even trashed the campground.

6. One woman was screaming obscenities at my family at dawn in our tent because we didn't have any cigarettes for her to take. In Boulder, we used to call these kids the "Trustifarians" ie trust fund babies who dress the part but you can see their entitlement issues coming for miles.

7. So, like I said, don't camp with the poser hippies. But, if you do, keep your eyes open for people watching opportunities, that was interesting.

8. And, I have to say, that the drum circle was pretty cool.

9. Moving on... I learned that even a big fat girl like me can be bodily picked up by the wind while trying to keep a tent from blowing away. This was our second shade tent, the first one was completely destroyed by the wind the day before so I was really determined to keep this one together. We did get it taken down, and luckily our sleeping tent was of different construction and weathered it just fine.

10. Not everyone else's did, though. I also learned that if you buy a dome tent, stake it down well because they roll like beachballs in the wind. Also, if your dome tent is over 4-5' tall, be sure that you have strong shock poles because they don't do well in the crazy wind, either.

11. If your shock poles do break, duct tape and a butter knife are only a temporary solution, as our troop leader can attest to. The next big gust actually bent her cutlery!

12. No matter how well you pack, you will forget something. This time I forgot Tiernan's nighttime pullups. Yikes!

13. In a pinch, two bandanas and a Target bag can be fashioned into a reasonable facsimilie of a diaper, and it will keep the sleeping bags dry. The big problem is convincing the child that his parents have not lost their minds, and that this is a desireable substitute. So, if you're ever in this situation, say this over and over until it has the right mix of authority and enthusiasm, "Look Tiernan, it's a CAMPING pullup!"

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I loved the last one - I've been cracking up for the last 10 minutes!
Happy Thursday!
You kept your sense of humor in it all and that is a good thing. I will strive to remember the pull up substitute if I ever get stuck in the wild without pullups!! Wonderful list!
My T13 is up. I hope you are having a terrific Thursday!
Terrific, funny list, Jen! By the way, I LOVE the name "Tiernan."
You made me want to go camping again :) I haven't been in years and my hubby and I always talked about doing it, but i don't know how it would work with a baby.
My TT is up.
No matter how prepared I thought I was for camp, I always forgot something! Great list!!!!
Jeez. Hippies just aren't what they used to be.

Excellent scouting tip on the pullups. Be prepared!
I'll remember that diaper trick! Too funny!
You reminded me of why I don't camp...well, at least not in a tent outside or anything. Rving it? Cool...I am there. :)
Like Denise, it's taking all I have to not roll on the floor with laughter on the last one! LOL!
Ok the dome-tent-as-beachball cracks me up :)
Sounds like quite an adventure you had there! I have issues with those poser hippies. If you aren't old enough to remember what the original hippies did (or if you were raised by original hippies) you are probably NOT a hippie!

My TT is up!
ha. this is why i don't camp. :)
What a great list. As you can see from mine, I don't like camping!

I love the camping pullup...clever.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.
Wow - sounds like QUITE a trip!! =) I remember the "Trustifarian" type in Boulder - how can you be a stuck up hippie anyway? lol!! The camping pullup was definately the best one tho!!!!
And you went camping because . . . ? ? ? ? Sounds like you've created some great memories!
"Trustifarians" that's a great moniker. I am stealing it!

And your trip sounds like a lot of work. Hope you have recovered. And if you are like me, when things go wrong you say, "Oh I am SO blogging this!" Helps keep your sense of humor in the moment.
Gosh, that must had been quite a time. Hippies just aren't the same anymore. The good ones, peace and loving - are now all carrying AARP cards. I still love them to pieces. -Margie
so true that you always forget something. It's never something minor, like a comb, you're camping who cares.

No, it has to be something big, like matches, or glasses, or pullups, or the can opener. You get the picture right?

Glad you made it through mishaps and all!
What a great list. I'm not much of a camper but you sure make it sound fun!
LOL over the tent comment...was that #9? Can't wait for next weeks list. ~lisa
Like camping n a Grateful Dead parking lot?!!
sounds like you had an educational experience! Note to self: watch out for Bob Weir/String Cheese Incident concerts when planning camping trips. And LOL at #13. That's resourceful!
Yes you will always forget something. Do we have time to make the `we camp, we cope' t-shirts before you camp again?

Hi Jen,
NOw that is a fantastic camping 13. We will be doing the same (or not quite as zany, hopefully)in a couple of weeks.
LOL Jen. I was there and you still managed to crack me up...well not as much as TNO, but this was pretty good.
Awesomely funny. I'm glad I didn't go camping with angry hippies, but I'm glad you did!
did you get a picture of Tiernan sleeping face down with TARGET across his bottom? That was priceless.
Hey, I read about that solution in The Tightwad Gazette...tell Kiernan it's a well-known substitute.
Tiernan! Tiernan!
LOL! Camping pullups.
I was at the String Cheese show that weekend. Came to some of the same conclusions. Funny group of fans. A little pushier than I'd expect.

Fun to hang with for a few hours (minus the cig smoke) but not who'd I'd want to camp next to.

I've got a couple of vids from the show..
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