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Monday, August 28, 2006

Anya and Cowlicky

Anya and Cowlicky

Here is Anya getting up close and personal with her favorite guinea pig, Cowlicky (so named for the cowlicks on her back that make her fur stand up all over.) Apparently they both share pretty well, so I guess my work here is done and I'll move on to the other kids and the rest of the guinea pigs.

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looks like she was about to giggle herself silly. Very cute pix.
I'd be afraid it would bite my lip!
Looks like something my brother would have done!
Cooties! Doesn't Cowlicky mind them? ;-) I'm just teasing Anya.
That photo is just tooooo cute!!

Happy 2nd Blogiversary!!!

The devastation of Katrina is still so evident. I only hope that the rebuilding is done with wisdom, so they never face the same fate again.
I'm not sure there is even any wisdom in rebuilding a hurricane vulnerable city that is below sea level.
I also can't imagine NOT rebuilding such a vital place in our country's history.
It is a quandary for sure.
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