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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My girls are famous!

Check them out, they're on the home page of our Girl Scout Council! This is a picture from last year's Girl Scout 5K, where we came in dead last.

I don't remember anyone taking a photo of them, but apparently it was early on because they didn't look nearly so fresh and happy by the end...

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That is so neat!!! I bet they like seeing their picture up there too!
That's awesome! A 5K is a long way for kids! And a finish is a finish! Elle & Zed will be doing their first 1K in October.
That's pretty cool! I have a feeling if I tried to get my kids to run anywhere they'd laugh at me.
and now they're world wide too. hee hee

I guess we'll have to do more "counsil" sponsored events so the rest of our group can make the web page too. That would be great with all our "Guirrl Scouts." hee hee

I updated & explained my WW.

I love the pic! And your girls should be on the front's not about WINNING, it's about finishing, and even dead last, you didn't give up!!!

I found this:
Socktoberfest. You should do it! ;)
How cool!!!
Very Cool.
That is really cool. That's the place I would be taking too!
That is super!! They look great!
I'm sure they are thrilled to be the goddesses of the Girl Scouts.

I'm craving some GS cookies now.
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