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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Pot + Luck=?

Yesterday, we went to a big potluck at a friend's house. On the way over, Anya said, "Yay! I love potlucks! Oh wait, is a potluck when you have a huge table full of food to choose from, or does it have something to do with gambling?"

I guess we HAVE been watching a lot of Celebrity Poker Showdown lately...


LOL! I like potlucks too...sometimes. LLL potlucks tend to have lots of "healthy" green stuff on the table...blech! The Church we went to in TX had a potluck every 5th Sunday...but it was always all meat. So I started bringing hugh containers of veggies...which was a huge hit.
I like to make new foods for potlucks...try them out on others. he he.
That is so funny how she potluck had something do to with gambling! Too cute!
Hmmmm, I love potlucks!!!
Was it a regular pot luck or veg or were there veg options? jw...I'm trying to plan a veg-potluck...fill me in on some suggestions...I'd love to hear them! I'd like for ours to be a success.
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