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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sleeping Boy

Sleeping Tiernan

If only they ALWAYS seemed this sweet and innocent!


Helllooooo, blog buddy! It is so nice to be visiting my blog friends again. My two week break is over and I will have a new post up on Wed.

My hubby and I always say we kind of enjoyed it when our kids had a cold and were on medicine. They would just sleep on the couch and we'd hold them and say how cute and sweet they were. Then, they would start feeling better and be back to their wild and crazy ways.

He looks sooo sweet. I'm sure he's a cutie pie even when he's terrorizing his sisters. :-)
How funny! I thought we were the only people who liked it when we have to give the kids cold medicine!
Are you kidding? We used to love the stuff. Our kids were only little angels when they slept.
What a sweet picture. (And what pretty lips he has!)
I would have NEVER believed it without the picture. ;o) Just kidding.
He DOES have pretty lips. I don't normally talk about it, because it sounds very Deliverance to say, "You got a pretty mouth, boy!" ;-)
How adorable!!!
Awwwww! They do look their sweetest when dreaming!
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