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Monday, September 11, 2006

I remember Sharon Carver

Sharon Carver
Sharon Carver, 38
September 11, 2001

As I read through Sharon's guest books online, over and over I saw that people remembered her for being kind, supportive and friendly. And, of course, everyone mentioned her fabulous smile! Who could miss that? Her smile made ME smile when I first saw her picture, and not many things have made me smile today.

By reading what those close to her have said, I can tell that Sharon could brighten up a room, and could make people feel comfortable just by being around. These are qualities I wish I possessed, and it's terrible to know that she's gone. We all truly need more people like Sharon around, and we were robbed when she was taken from us.

There are still those of us out here who think often about those we lost that day, and their families are always in our prayers. We still remember Sharon.

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Thank you for remembering Sharon. What a beautiful smile! She obviously blessed her family and friends with a positive attitude...her smile says so much about her.

Thank you for visiting my tribute
She certainly did have a beautiful smile. She will be missed by so many. Reading these beautiful tributes is so hard, but I was so honored to remember Teresa Martin.
Her smile is the first thing I noticed too! It's so genuine! Thanks for remembering her.
I didnt know that you were doing two tributes.

I remember seeing Sharon on a video clip and her smile was the first thing that stood out.

too many were lost that day.
I agree with you about Sharon's amazing smile.
You can just tell that her personality was bright.
God bless her grieving loved ones, and God bless you for honoring her.
Wow, what a beautiful smile Sharon had! Thanks for sharing a bit of her life with us!!

I remember Simon Weiser
I'm still carrying a lot of anger about 9/11. It just breaks my heart to hear about these fine people.
Whoa, what a beautiful smile!! Thanks to this, we now get to see a face and not a name.

We will never forget.

I remember Lisa Egan
I'm slowly making my way through the memorials to those lost on 9/11. Thank you for remembering Sharon Carver. You are right, she did have a gorgeous smile.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my tribute.

I remember Marion Britton.

Thanks for remebering.
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