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Friday, September 15, 2006

What a mouthful!

This is what Tiernan tells me when he's asking for his regular breakfast:

I want butter bread,
cutted up like pizza,
with synonym sugar.
I'm trying to tell him that he can just say, "cinnamon toast," or even "cinnamon toast cut in triangles," but he insists on going through the whole routine with the pauses between lines and everything. No wonder he's tired in the morning!


Awww, my son does the same thing!

Have a great weekend!!!
Tell him that you can't put buttered bread in the toaster or it will mess it up.
I guess he wants to make sure you get it just right! How cute!
But,if he says it wrong you might forget mom!!
Perhaps he wought to order things in a restaurant?
When I was a kid I always had Trix cereal with toast. However I didn't like the cereal to get soggy. So I always told my mom, "I want Trix with toast, but don't pour the milk until the toast pops up." Everyday I told her that. She must've rolled her eyes everytime.
What a cute boy you have - I think I kind of like his morning routine:-)
Thanks also for the Christmas count down – I’ll be back when I need the reminder!
Btw: your projects are great Jen – I’ve red it with great interests. Thanks for sharing!
That is cute - almost a poem!
Well at least he's not asking for antonyms yet ;-)
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