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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Extra kids today!

I am babysitting this morning, so I thought I'd better blog before I'm trying to watch 9 kids (mine plus 5 more.) Not that they'll give me too much trouble, they're easy kids and my kids love them so I expect they'll be off making messes but not requiring a lot of "hands on," which is OK by me!

For your enjoyment, I will post a picture that Tiernan took during the Investiture/Rededication Ceremony for our Girl Scout troop.

GS-Tiernan self-portrait

Does anyone else's kid do stuff like this? I just uploaded 141 pictures from my camera, and at least 20 of them are "self-portraits" by my son (many of them upside down like this one). It would not be an exaggeration to say that another 30 of them are photos of his feet, the floor, the TV, his sisters yelling at him because they're not fully dressed, etc.

I shouldn't ask where he gets it from, my mom says that at least one photo from every roll of film we developed in our house while I was growing up was a close up self-portrait of me, so I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree. I'm just glad that I'm raising my kids in the future where (ooooeeeeeoooooo) we don't need to pay for film and developing on these masterpieces, we don't even need to shake them, they just pop up on our computer when we're ready. Now, if I could just get my flying car and my robot maid, I'd really feel like I was living in the new millennium...

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Me, I'd settle for a jetpack. The flying car is just gravy in my book.

RE: photos. My kids do it all the time. Self-portraits, thousands of pet photos, you name it, they do it. Thank goodness for digital!!!
Yep...they all do it. And mine make videos too. I try really hard to just let it all go but I'm thinking, "How many of my alloted pictures are you killing on this camera?" Did you know that they only have a life span of about 30,000 pictures? I wonder how long that is?

Can you imagine how fun it would have been to have developed that picture back in the old days? I'll bet you brightened up many a developer's day!
My kids love taking digital pictures. My oldest son has his own camera. He's actually a really good photographer. It's my husband who takes all the weird shots of people's feet and up their noses and stuff.
We still use film sometimes. I get DD a single use to do whatever she wants with it. She's getting really good though. Will probably get her a digital for her bday.
In the past she's taken pictures of all the dolls at my grandmother's house (they collect's really creapy!) But we just got DH's pictures back and I have to say that his are much of the inside of his pockets (i'm guessing).
Do I know the extra kids?
re: fast food orders. I hate using the drive thru because of the incorrectness factor. A lot of MD's have the order screen so you know they heard you right...but that doesn't mean that they put the right stuff in the bag.
I usually just go inside. That way I can watch them load the bag and wait for the one item that makes the rest cold...and then ask them for a new hot item. :D
I've found a few photos like that on my camera before. Now they're just slightly cock-eyed. Not upside down anymore!
I think I know that kind of kids - my disk is full of cute pics when downloading!

Mary Christmas to you and your family and all the crazy kids Jen:-)
Kids are great! Thanks for the laugh and the picture! Have a great day.
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