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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We went to the library today

and checked out 45 books!

That's actually pretty common around here. We even have a really cool cart that we use when we go, because it's so hard to carry that many books to and from the car!

The cart is way better than our old system, which was a milk crate connected to a luggage cart with a bungee cord with a hook on each end. That system worked pretty well until Tiernan disconnected the bungee cord and found out how cool it was and started playing with it all the time.

It was pretty hilarious, because he called it "the hooker" because of the hooks. So, he would say things like, "Can I play with the hooker?" and "Can I take the hooker to bed?"

Eventually, we just let him keep his hooker, and we sprung for the cart. So, now you know the story...

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Ahh, good to see you back! You were missed.

That reminds me, I need to get some hookers. I also need a cart such as your's, perhaps I'll start with the milk crate and hooker. Usually I fill up the back seat of the stroller and make Autumn walk :)

I love the story with the woman who lived so long. My mom told me about it--we, too, have a 4 generations picture, how amazing would it be to have 7???

Here's a sad thought: scientists are predicting life expectancies to decline for our kids' generation.
Cute story! 45 books? How do you keep up with all of them?
remind me of my family growing up.
So if I am ever in Co. and hear a little boy yelling that he can't find his Hooker I will know it's you (Meaning I will know that little boy is Tiernan, not that you are the hooker LOL)
Sounds like our house except for the cart. We use bags and our arms, but I've only got 2 kids, hence a few less books ;-)
Oh, and we don't have any hookers!
I was going to ask how you keep track of 45 books too because I know that you use the cart for other things too. Those carts are very handy! I've been keeping mine in the back and using it to keep the milk from rolling over the bread too.

I had a dream about finding some long lost library books where they should have never been. GAH! The fees on that!
word verification on last post... dduoo

DD says it looks like doodoo.
I didn't know you could check out so many books. I think that 5 is a lot! Glad to see you back!

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