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Monday, January 22, 2007

Can't blog, knitting...

I'm neglecting all my other duties today, and knitting another clapotis. As you may recall, I made one for MIL this time last year, the recycled sari silk clapotis.

I chose Wool-Ease for this one. The color is called Pines, if you scroll down here to see a crummy picture of it. It's mostly black, with dark blues and greens.

So, that's what I'm up to, how about you?

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Thank you for asking: I've been up to my ears celebrating my wife this weekend and we even have the in-laws from US visiting. Come on over if you want to contribute:-)
You used that recycled sari silk? I saw that somewhere and was very tempted but I'm such a beginner that I didn't want to make a mistake with it.

I'm knitting a scarf for Friend Husband, a dishcloth for a birthday gift, quilting two quilts, and living my life. I wish I didn't have to sleep!
I'm still working on that knitting project that I showed you that one night at TNO probably about a year ago. I'm about done with the second skein and will add at least a third. I'm hoping that it will be a rather thick looking scarf, but since I only know how to do the one knitting thingy it's all the same kind of loops. Then I'll have to figure out how to cast off...I guess I'll check that online place you posted about.
I'm going much faster and can knit longer now...I used to only do one row at a time.
Godspeed, my favorite knit-wit

I'll put in a good word for you with Saint Parasceva, the patron saint of spinners, weavers, and knitters.
That's beautiful! I can't even begin to see how it's done, but it's a lovely thing.
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