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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Does this reflect badly on me?

I have no idea where they got this idea, I think it may just be from commercials and stuff, but this is a group of "Masked Wrestlers" as they presented themselves to us for our approval.

The Masked Wresters

They even have names. From left to right they are "El Gato," "Bug Out," and "Fire Frog." There are no real rules, just "Only One Will Win."

Yes, that is underwear.


Only if the underwear was worn in the conventional manner before they put it on their faces.

Otherwise, it's a picture of happy, imaginative, mischevious kids having harmless fun.

Well, not since it had been washed...
Heh. I have a picture of Pirate Boy doing the same thing with his Spiderman underoos. You're not alone on this one.
FUN, FUN, FUN, girls just gotta have FUN! Love the picture.
At least it's not like the picture with the kid wearing the "racing stripe" undies on his head.

LOL! Lots of kids do this...I don't know why.
lol! Watch out. It's the Panty Squad. I thought my kids were the only ones who did kooky stuff like this :-)

BTW don't they care that their underwear is now all over the Internet? My girls would rather endure torture than have anyone see theirs.
Nah, Cube. My kids would go to the store dressed like this if I'd let them. Hee hee.
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