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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Last night after the kids were "in bed," we had a weird occurance. I saw the lights flicker, and heard a zap and a crash from upstairs.

It took a while to figure out exactly what had happened, because Tiernan was curled up in a little ball and wouldn't talk to us. He wasn't hurt, he'd just really scared himself. He was trying to get a nightlight out of the electrical socket, and it wasn't coming. So, he found a spatula and used it to pry the light out.

The spatula worked, and he got the light out, but he also made contact between the two prongs of the plug and the metal spatula, hence the ZAP! It tripped the circuit breaker, but not before doing a fair amount of damage to the nightlight. Tiernan's hand was blackened, but not burned. It seems the spatula caught most of the damage, though. We won't be flipping pancakes with it any more!

Spatula, middle

I did not think parenthood was going to be this unsettling...


YIKES!!! Wondering about tonight.
That's scary. You don't know the meaning of the word worry until you have kids.
Sounds scaring - glad your all okay after all then!
Oh my goodness!!! How scary for all of you!

One of my friends had that happen (the zzzzzzap!!) When she went to check on her son she found a plastic pair of children's scissors (with the metal blade) Permanently attached to the alarm clock cord...he had decided to cut through it EEEK!!!)
Oh know! I've given myself a little shock a time or two. Elle knocked over a lamp, and when I picked it up and tried to screw the light back in, it gave me quite a shock! I always unplug lights now when I change the bulbs.
Glad he's OK. Thank the Lord for all the times He has protected our kids, whether we know about them or not....
Holy - thank God he's ok!!
He seemed all pretty normal to me tonight. And you said the doc says he's no worse for wear.
Oh, man! You know it never occurred to me to tell the boys not to put a spatula in the electrical socket. I'm going to show them this picture and tell them now, though!!
How scary! Poor little fella will probably not be poking and prodding around outlets ever again.
Wouldn't it be funny if he ends up being an electrician? :)
Just looking at that spatula is scary... it's amazing that T is ok. Was he sore the next day? When my B was badly shocked the shock contracted her muscles so much that her whole body was sore for days!!
I can't even imagine the heart plummet you must have felt. I bet your toes are still throbbing.

Oh, and the blogger you asked about a month ago, you'll find her here.
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