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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Breakfast of Champions!

When we're getting ready to go to the store, we leave a list out and anyone can add anything to it that they need. Apparently, we need to do a little work on the kids' spelling...



Does that say "Dongnuts"...because seriously, all I can think of is "Donger need FOOD!" LOL
::spews coffee::

Have fun at the grocery store! LMBO!
Yes, it says DONGNUTS, and apparently we need more of them...
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Thank you for bringing "DONGNUTS" into our vocabulary. It's like a viral meme. Get it out of our heads!!!!
leanne: BTW I love your avatar. It looks like our cat, Pepper :-)
Wait, are you sure they didn't mean KongNuts?
Guess who just read that as doughnuts??? (hint: not me!)
what is aquaphor?
Aquaphor is skin cream, for the poor kids' faces...
I so much remember those Dong nuts when I was in NY - hmmm need more of them too!
Wishing you a wonderful shopping:-)
HA! Thanks I needed a laugh this morning!
HA HA HA! You can never have too many dongnuts!
dongnuts? i'm not crazy about them, but i do love those dongnut holes. can you blame the teacher for their spelling;)
thanks for the info. DD usually takes the empty item with her to the list and copies it. I hope it works as it took me a good 20 years to learn how to spell cereal. LOL
Ahhahahahaha Sheri! I was thinking the same thing.

I'm such a geek. But that could explain the spelling, Jen. Have the kids recently screened Sixteen Candles?

BSTS- Dongnut Holes? You are just the best. Thank you for that!
How FUNNY that is!!!!

Oh my goodness!! My mind is wallowing in naughty territory.

Where in tarnation does one buy dongnuts?
Actually, I don't want to know. :)

Maybe they're a combination of Ding Dongs and donuts.
LMAO!! Only a kid could spell that like that lol. Thanks for the laughs!

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