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Friday, March 02, 2007


This is a conversation between my 11 year old and I the other day.

Anya: Do you ever get really angry?

Me: Yeah, sometimes. I think everyone does. Why?

Anya: When I get angry, I just wish I could breathe fire, or shoot spikes, or grow claws and rip everything up. But I can't, >sigh< so I just have to settle for being cranky...

I'm finding myself very grateful that she's not blessed with superpowers. I don't know how Superman's parents dealt with stuff like temper tantrums. How do you get a kid to take a nap when he can FLY right out of his crib? How can you ground him from the TV if he can use his X-ray vision to watch the neighbor's set? By all rights, he should have grown up to be a Superbrat. I think we all owe the Kent family a round of applause for how well he turned out!


I always wondered that, too. He must have been an exceptionally well-trained child.

And I am very grateful my children don't have superpowers, too!
Glad that superpowers are fiction. Was she being intuitive or does she know?
Heck, I'd love to be able to shoot darts out of my eyes. I know a few people that deserve it.
I never thought about Superman that way, but you are right. It's a wonder he turned out so well.

I thank God Almighty that my kids don't have superpowers. I'd sure like to have some though.
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