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Monday, April 02, 2007

9 kids today!

I have 9 kids today. A friend of mine needed a sitter so we have had her kids since about 8 last night. They're pretty easy, and since they're from a big family too, they don't worry if the little ones are talking during the movie, or if someone gets stepped on, etc. :-)

I am a bad hostess, and I didn't have any breakfast foods handy. So, they had mac and cheese and cookies. They didn't seem to be offended by that in any way, so I'm hoping that means that they sometimes eat like this at their house!


LOL! I wouldn't be suprised if that has happened at all of our houses once in a while.

I don't eat breakfast foods, so I rely on DH & DD to let me know when we run low on breakfast supplies. You wouldn't believe how many times DD will say that we have something and when I'm putting the groceries away we have a serving or less of what she said we have plenty of...oh and DH is NO better. :eyeroll:
Good gracious! What's worse, watching 9 kids or working on your taxes?

I feel your pain!! Do you feel mine?
Totally rather do the taxes. You're an amazing mom who can deal with that horde, and you have my total respect.
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