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Monday, May 21, 2007

Looking for a Pop Up Camper

We are looking for a pop up camper. We've been enjoying camping a lot these last couple of years, but it's such a pain to load 6 zillion things in (and on) the car, then spend 2 hours setting up, only to spend 2 more hours tearing down in a day or so. So, we're hoping a pop up will give us a little more hanging out by the campfire time, and a little less setting up time.

And, if you're throwing up from a migraine while the other grownup is left to pack it all up, the time it takes to re-load everything at the end of the trip is just that much worse (did I tell you that story?)

Do any of you have experience with this? What do you recommend?

Editing to Add: I did tell you all about the migraine/throw up camping trip, it was the same one with the nasty pit toilets, but for some weird reason I didn't give you the blow by blow on the rest of the activities. I will fix that soon.

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yeah, DH is funny and devious too. Most people see him as very serious...the guy I tease won't use a government phone to call 911. But he's an awesome dad and very funny when he wants to be. You did see the picture of him being silly on our Christmas card.

A pop up sounds really good. I just wish I could talk the folks who have them in storage all around us into letting us rent theirs...course that wouldn't solve the whole packing issue. And I long for a van style RV so we can take the dog and drive to see the family...since they insist that we come see them. *sigh*
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