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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where Have I Been?

We found it! We found Where Did I Come From?, and now we have a $10 credit at the library!

Any guesses on how long we will take to blow through $10 in late fees?


I'm glad you know where it went! Don't forget to read it before you deliver it back! LoL
well rennyba said it best. hee hee

I hope it takes you a very long time to run through $10 in library fines. I've got about $2 on my card, I should pay it sometime.

Glad you found the book though...would love to hear the story of where it's been.
At our local library, you only pay for the book if you can't find it. Once you find it, they refund your money & you're responsible for only $2 worth of late charges.

Hmmm, I guess our library is better than yours :-P
Finally, the book has been found.

Where Did I Go?
Where Have I Been?

Why Am I HERE????

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