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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Are you sick of hearing about my teeth yet?

I know I am!

I have that consult today to determine if I need a gum graft. I like to know what to ask when I go in to talk to medical folks (or anybody, really) and so I surfed around looking for information on this procedure. I don't recommend it. First of all, DON'T do that unless you're really into looking at really gruesome photos. Like if extruded eyeballs aren't gross enough for you.

Secondly, the information is just not anything you actually want to know if it's a procedure that your dentist is pretty sure you need. I found a fellow blogger's account of her recovery, and it's not very comforting. I tried to leave a comment for her, but it wouldn't let me. I hope that's she's alive and well and fully recovered!

I wonder if they'll just put me completely under for a week or so? I'd probably lose a lot of weight that way, too! That would be excellent...

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I'm not sure what a gum draft is, but it sounds painful.
Perhaps you can use the pain as a diet...sorry that doesn't sound nice at all. go for the drugs.

I hope you don't need the graft and if you do that it all goes well and they give you plenty of pain killers...that work really really really good.
Ouch! Ouch!!!!! That doesnt sound fun... *HUGS*
I had one done for my front lower teeth. It wasn't that bad as far as I can remember. There was a laser involved which I think made it go faster. However the periodontal nazi hygentist gave me quite a lecture went I went back for my check up, and I repaid her the favor by never going back to them again.
I'm with Picard... except I'm sure he meant to say gum graft ;-)

Yikes, it sounds painful.
I don't want to have a gum graft, but I would like to look into being put out for at least a week or so. :-)
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