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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Beatlemania Swap was FAB!

Remember when I signed up earlier this summer to do a Beatlemania Swap on Craftster?

Well, it's all done, and I'm going to show you the loot!

First of all, a quick explanation of what we were doing. A bunch of folks signed up to make craft items with the theme of "Beatlemania." A moderator paired us up, and we contacted each other, and made some stuff and sent it to our partner.

I'll start with the stuff I made to send (some of these photos are blurry, I was trying to get everything into the mail on time...):

I had a commemorative magazine laying around from 2004 (40 years after the British Invasion, can you believe it?) and I cut it up to make these glass marble magnets.

Beatle Swap Magnets

Then, I made this clock from a pre-drilled wood panel and clock parts. It's green because that's her favorite color, and has sheet music to "Michelle" (her favorite song). Then, I cut out an action shot of each Beatle as the decoration, so it's always "Beatle o'clock" at her house :-)

Beatle Swap Clock

Lastly, I made a sun jar, based loosely on the directions at Instructables. It says, "Here Comes the Sun" from another favorite Beatles song. It has a solar panel built in, and you set it out during the day to collect energy, and at night it lights an LED, it's cool and PERFECT for camping!

Beatle Swap Sun Jar

OK, now this is the cool loot I received in this swap!

She made me this excellent knitting needle roll, with a Yellow Submarine and an Octopus!

Beatlemania swap-Knitting needle roll

Also, she sent me this most excellent pillowcase with the lyrics to "Dear Prudence" (one of my favorites) and silhouettes of the Beatles on it. I hung it up in my hallway so everyone can see it!

Beatlemania swap-Dear Prudence

Finally, she made a cool frame with neat Beatles photos in the little frames on top. And, if you look closely, the photo is the large frame is photoshopped so that the Beatles are actually the Horde! Way cool!

Beatlemania swap-Frame

And, close up:

Beatlemania swap-Frame up close

Didn't she send cool stuff? I love it all!

It was stressful when I was in the middle of it, but it really was a lot of fun and I think I'll sign up to do another swap again, maybe after the summer is over.

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I'm really wanting some of those lights. Was it very hard to make? I'm thinking that maybe I could just get the lights and put them out when camping...then no worries about the glass.

The rest of the stuff is way cool too. I need to find a bunnymania swap. hee hee
Those items are really cool, Jen! Any Beatle lover would want them.
Cool stuff. Now when do you move on to Star Wars & Star Trek?

How COOL is that, I am a huge Beatles fan. My brother was even named after Paul McCartney lol.
Have a great weekend.
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