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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hey, Dad! Smell my butt!

Yes, this is what Tiernan came down the stairs gleefully midnight.

The heck?

It turned out that he had squirted linen spray all over his underwear. Which, I suppose, is one of the nicer things that could have happened when someone is asking you to smell their butt.

See, this is the weird stuff I'm doing while the rest of you are sleeping. The next time someone asks why I'm up all night, I'm going to remind them that it's because I'm trying to out last TiernanBob FloweryPants.


Haha! That's hilarious!
Hummmm... LOL! The stuff that goes on over there at your place. but I guess it beats exploding dogs.
That's a line one doesn't want to have to respond to.
Yeah, we'd be suspicious of that one too.

Know what I'm doing today? And probably every other day for the next 4 weeks? Dissecting Keziah poop to find a penny. I predict that I will be losing weight this month, if today was any indication.
lol! I have notebooks full of my daughters funny sayings, but they have sworn me to secrecy.
Oh good; it's not just my kids. (I'm glad it was nothing worse. At our house, I suspect it would be.)
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