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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Self Portraits, Andy Warhol Style

Today I had 10 kids over to learn about Andy Warhol and Pop Art. I used this lesson plan, if you want to try it at your house!

I had all the moms send me pictures of the kids with a light background, and I changed them to black and white, heightened the contrast, and printed four on a page. Then, in the style of his Marilyns (and many others, I was surprised!) we painted our own with watercolors. I took a photo of me and my kids because I didn't get permission from everyone else to post their kids, but you can imagine it I'm sure!



The Horde:

AW-L-G Girls

(BTW-This is my 1,002nd post! Can you believe it?)

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You are such a cool homeschool mom!
Nah, I just only blog the cool stuff ;-)
How cool is that!!! Love the picture!!! You are a cool homeschool mom!

from FIAR
Those are totally awesome! I'm going to check out that lesson plan. Thanks!
That looks like a really fun project, good job !
Those are pretty awesome!
Those pics look super. Happy 1002nd! What a milestone!
Congrats with your 1,002nd post - amazing - it has been great to read you for almost two years!

How creative you are with the kids - very well done!

I would love to share A Rockin' Bigger Bang with you:-)
Great exercise! I can't wait to try it with my kids.
So cool!
Looks like a lot of fun. I might not be a home schooler, but I think I could still fit this in as a fun weekend project.

I never knew that Andy Warhol shares my hubby's birthday. That explains waaaay too much.
Jen, may your 15 minutes of fame as a Cool Homeschool Mom live on for waaaay more than 15 minutes ;-)
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