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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hi-O from Ohio!

Hey, everyone! We're here in the Greater Dayton area, visiting with Davin's family now.

Today, we went down to the Wegerzyn Gardens, which is so cool that it completely kicks the butt of the Denver Botanic Gardens. Plus, it's free!

Oops, I missed the dinner call. I'd better run. Oh, and we're doing laundry...why is there never enough money and always too much laundry?

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YAY for Ohio. I haven't been there since 1989 or before. We went to Old Man's Cave...should show you the pictures.
Thanks for the message on your travels.
I didn't know Davin was from the Dayton area. We lived there for 7 years, but maybe you already knew that. There's lots of rowers in that area.

If you're still there for awhile, go check out Cox Arboretum. I loved going there w/ the kids and got the best shots of them and nature from that park.

Enjoy your time w/ family. :)
Linda (FIAR boards)
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