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Sunday, September 23, 2007


We're still alive, and we're here in the Midwest. We're in Iowa, to be precise, so if you see a minivan pulling a camper, and the woman driving seems kind of tense, stuff us and say hi!

We've been having a good time driving, we stopped in a neat cemetery in Julesberg on our way to I-80. It was very nice.

We stayed in Lincoln, Nebraska the first night, and played in the campground pool. We were there at the same time the guy was doing the maintenance, so he showed the kids all the chemicals. They loved it!

I'll try to update while we're out. I can't post pictures, because I don't have any way to get them off the camera, so you'll see them when we're back. I should probably take some, huh?

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woo hoo! so glad you're able to keep in touch with us. We miss you lots already. You're making great time. Glad you're having fun.
Waving from just over the river! If you cross over the I-80 or 74 bridge to IL, you're just a couple of blocks from me!
Thinking of you enjoying yourself!
Glad to hear from you. I'm glad you're having fun with chemicals
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