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Friday, October 26, 2007

Ha Ha...Chuck!

Does anyone else have this kind of problem? Tiernan climbed into bed with us (after we'd kicked the dog out, I'm glad she's feeling more at home but DANG she spreads out!) and started telling me Knock Knock jokes. He cracked himself up SO MUCH that he threw up all over the blankets. 8-0

I've laughed awfully hard in my day, but I've never come close to barfing. I'll admit it, I've even laughed so hard that I peed...but I've NEVER thrown up. All of my kids do that! Any powerful emotion or vigorous action can cause an upload.

As far as laughing until you pee, if it's never happened to you I respectfully submit that you go carry twins to full term, deliver vaginally, and THEN come back and talk to me about it. I love them to pieces, but they ruined me! Good thing we like them :-*

I've been doing some embroidery lately, and that's been fun. Not the cross-stitching, that was just too much like work! When I get a few things together, I'll take some pictures and show you. It's pretty neat, it's like doodling, only with fabric and floss instead of pen and paper.

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I know too well the laughing until you pee thing...but never til you barf.
DH's family has that weak valve thing too. Maybe no jokes until the tummy is empty? LOL!
oh and we don't allow pooches in the bed with us. It's a "leader of the Pack" thing...the experts say that allowing them to sleep with you can cause issues with them thinking they're on the same level as you...also if the kids aren't allowed in your bed and the dog is, the dog can think that they're higher up in the pack than the kids.
Hee hee! I don't care WHO sleeps in my bed, as long as it's not every night, and as long as they leave me some ROOM!

Kaywinnet's been sleeping with Maya and Sage mostly. When Davin chased her off last night, he said, "Come on Kay Kay, let's go find your sisters!" So, I think Davin sees them as being equal, that's bad, huh?
I'd love to know what made you laugh!
I've never heard of anyone laughing until they barf before. I'm sure you already suspected your kids were a little weird, though. ;)
I've never heard of laughing till you puke either, but when my youngest daughter was little, she would sometimes start to retch if she cried. Luckily, she outgrew that.
Sounds like you've had a hilarious morning in bed and I was thinking: I good laugh makes you live longer so you will have a gloriously life Jen!

Btw: Your welcome over to a Halloween Party in Oslo later on tonight :-)
No one over here has laughed until they threw up either. Although B (dd#2) used to regularly have fits of giggles... while drinking, and whatever she was drinking would come out her nose! Her sibs still like to remind her about that (although in all her 23 year old coolness I think she'd much rather forget!) and M still watches her closely during meals, hoping she might do it again!

Kaywinnet sounds like she's settling in beautifully... I'm so glad you found each other!

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