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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two birthdays this week!

Not only did we get a new dog, but we've had two birthdays in the last week. Anya is now 12, and Tiernan is 6. My *BABY* is 6! How did that happen? When I started this blog I was wondering if we'd ever get him potty trained.

Check it out! This is a cross stitch kit I completed for a friend. It's a wolf with a Native American theme:
Wolf Cross Stitch

I'm glad it's done. I'm going to tell you all right now that if you want to be my friend, you can NOT have a favorite animal that's gray. This project was so difficult, because it was like 20 shades of boring old gray. There was white, dark white, cream, light gray, light blue gray, medium blue gray, medium purple blue gray, gray, dark gray, light black, and MORE! I will need to all to fill out applications, and if you like jungle frogs, you're in. Or toucans, or parrots or something. I'm sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere. My sanity is precarious as it is...

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I admire your bravery to do a cross stich like that. I used to do cross stitching, then I realized all the counting made me crazy and had to stop!
You did an awesome job on that one Jen and I'm so with you on the multitude of shades. I keep admiring those Thomas Kincaide kits but realize that I'll drive myself up a wall totally if I actually do one.

Happy birthdays to your babies. They all had lots of fun running around the pumpkin patch yesterday.
Happy birthdays to your children, Jen.
I often threaten to stop feeding my children because they're growing like weeds. Just a suggestion ;-)

Happy Birthday to the kids. Hope they had fun on their big day.
WOW, you did an awesome job here!!!
Babies grow up way too fast ::sigh::
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