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Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was thinking of making some embroidered tea towels for Christmas gifts this year. I found an awesome site (Sublime Stitching) with some really neat, and inexpensive patterns. They iron on, just like the ones Grandma taught you to do (or at least, my Grandma Perry did....), only cooler!

I for sure need these:
Tiki Freak
Gothic Grandeur
Day of the Dead
and, of course,
Camp Out!

Man, I want to get started RIGHT NOW!

We're not at church today because the kids are extruding foul substances from both ends. Can you see now why I'm excited about dish towels? They don't call me The Queen of Denial for nothing!

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Okay, but The Queen of well prepared Christmas mom maybe? :-)

Wishing you a great week ahead!

read my blog for the true queen of denial.
I hope the kids are feeling better!

I'm so glad you all were able to come to the party, R loved seeing you guys...
Ha! Those look awesome! Post pictures if you do any of them.
that I'm crazy?
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