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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Workin' in a Coal Mine...

Or, at least we visited one! We all went up yesterday to tour the Lackawanna Coal Mine. After having visited the Argo Gold Mine up in Idaho Springs, CO, it was interesting to see how they were similar. But, they were really quite different, too, and not necessarily in ways I'd expected.. At the coal mine, our tour guide, Harold, had actually worked the mine in the pre-OSHA days. He was a teen then, and so he had a pretty unique viewpoint on the whole operation. So, if you're out in Lackawanna County, PA, I'd highly recommend stopping by!

We'll be in PA for another day, then we're going to start heading home. We haven't figured out the route yet, because we're kind ofliving in denial about the big drive ahead. We don't have any time left to visit people, so it will be 1700+ miles of driving, camping and getting up and driving some more. If you're praying people, please keep us in mind?

When I get home, I will post some of the pictures we've been taking. Next time, I'm going to bring the cord and post them as we go!

Thanks to all of you who've been stopping by, I'm so happy to see your comments!

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sounds really cool. I've only done gold mines so far and caves.

We miss you lots here, so drive as quickly as you can without getting into trouble. You're in my prayers.
I do feel your pain. We're getting ready to drive from Ohio to rural Texas. I do so hate that drive.
I can imagine you covered in coal dust!
Sounds really 'coal' lol and what a great guide you had - must have been very interesting. We have some coal mines in Norway too, but that is up north.

Looking forward to the pics!
I am praying for your safe return! :) Driving is dull sometimes... knit... the time goes MUCH quicker... specially when you have no idea what you are doing LOL
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