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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Maya and Sage are 10!

And I'm such a dork that I started crying about it this morning before church. I just kept thinking that I'm about halfway through the time they'll be home, and it's flown by. They'll be gone before I know it, and that started freaking me out.

Fortunately, they're pretty used to my histrionics, and they just thought it was funny that I was crying about their birthday.

Right now, they're baking a cake. They've taken a white cake mix, and added purple food coloring to the batter. So, we'll be having purple vanilla cake!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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Happy Birthday Girls!
Happy Birthday Girls and lots of Hugs for Mom. They do grow up way too quickly.

From what I hear though when they go through the teens they become such jerks that you're ready for them to leave.
They do grow up so fast. My girls are 17 and 13, I'd be happy to have 10 again.

Hope the girls have a terrific birthday & don't get cheated out of presents just because their birthday is so close to Christmas & New Years. Believe me, I know from experience (Jan 3rd. for me)
Happy Birthday to them. Enjoy the New Year.
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