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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm a loser!

And, worse yet, the most recent thing I lost was myself.

Before I start this story, I must reiterate that I am a genius. No really! I've been tested on more than one scale and scored consistently above the genius level. If IQ tests told the whole story, I should be running the world! Of course, I believe that's all crap, you can read why here, and here, plus there's proof all over this blog that being a "genius" doesn't seem to have anything to do with being "smart." At least not for me.

Anyway, we have been living in this house since 2001. I know where we live, I promise I do. Well, occasionally I pull into the wrong driveway and get mad when my garage door opener doesn't work on their door, but that's not my fault. It's the curse of the cookie-cutter suburb where all the houses look the same. Everyone does that, right?

The other night, I went out for a walk in my neighborhood. It was a nice night, and I had my iPod and I'd figured I'd have completed right around 3 miles when I was finished. I was enjoying the music and looking forward to getting home and putting my feet up when I looked around and realized that I had no idea where I was! If I'd been sworn in in a court of law that night, I could truthfully have testified that I had no recollection of having been in that part of town before.

I got a little panicky, and tried to decide if I should turn around and try going back, or keep trucking and hope that I was just confused and home was still ahead (does that ever happen to you?) After a few minutes of this, I ended up using my cell phone to call Davin to drive around and find me.

You see, cell phones are a Godsend to people like me! They're gadgety enough to make us feel smart, but simple enough that we can actually reach people on them. And, of course we can call for help when we're lost in our neighborhood.

It turns out that I had passed my turn quite a while back, and that I was pretty far from where I thought I was. But, it's not all bad, I got in more than the 3 miles I was expecting! That's always good, right?

And my parents had such high hopes for me.

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Can I laugh and feel bad at the same time? Were you where you'd been before or just confused?
I had actually been there before, just not very often. I was really deep into the 'burb at that point.
I think this was funnier when you told it to us in person. I'm so glad you found your way home though...cuz I would miss you if you wuz lost forever!
LOL, too funny Jen! And yeah... I can see myself doing something like that. Cell phones come in handy sometimes, don't they?!
I think that's more of a function of the sameness of the houses in your neighborhood than confusion on your part.
I hear that Einstein had trouble with some simple things, so you are in good company.
Your brain can't be bothered with small stuff like finding the right house. You have to save up all those brain cells for hard stuff like remembering to bring your cell phone with you everywhere you go.
Don't look at yourself as a looser - you might end up like one you know! and if you ask me: your not - period!
You know, it's really not unusual for geniuses to have these kinds of problems :). I'm glad you did get home safely! I'm kind of having a hard time deciding whether I should laugh or not, haha! Great story ;)
You have NO IDEA how bad I want a green sparkle CTR ring! And, I click on your blog and I SEE A PICTURE OF IT ON YOUR BLOG!

I could probably post about the fiasco that has been ordering/not ever receiving/being charged for my green CTR ring...but, I don't think anyone will think it's funny and I'll probably just get mad again.
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