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Friday, February 08, 2008

I need a brain transplant--or implant--or something...

I had a very nauseating migraine today, and I've really lost my patience with this whole process. I saw my neurologist the other day, and I asked her if she could hook me up with one of these jacks, like this one from The Matrix.


Then, instead of having them uploading stuff I'll never use like Kung Fu, I can just plug in and reboot the system and wipe the migraine from the hard drive. It seems reasonable to me.

She didn't seem very optimistic about the idea.

So, I'm stuck taking a pile of meds and trying to lay down in the dark. Fortunately the rest of the Horde knows the drill pretty well by know, and they can watch themselves and I can get some slack. Yay kids! After a couple of hours, I'm feeling human again.

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It's probably not such a good idea. You'd probably upload a virus or somebody would "jack" with you ;)
I'm so sorry to hear that you have another migraine. Poor Jen! I hope that you're feeling better soon.

and ur hubby is funny.

Maybe if you didn't have to upload anything and could just download stuff, like the migraines. Or maybe it could be like Dumbledore pulling the extra memories out of his head with his could just pull the migraine & fibro out. That would be cool huh?
No, no, no transplant - we like you the way you are!

Get well and have a great weekend :-)
It's awful that you have to deal with terrible migraines. My mother used to get those, but she rarely gets them now. I hope yours will lessen as you get older, or better yet, I hope a medication is found that will take them away.
I'm glad your family gives you time to rest in a dark room until the migraines subside. If they didn't, they know you'd probably kill them. It is in their best interest to cut you some slack.
Hmm getting that installed looks like it would hurt worse than the migraine! I can relate to wanting to reboot the system though. Hope your headache is better. Did you try one of those "tinglers?"
I'm sorry about your migraine, but
getting an outlet installed in your head looks painful too. Thank goodness for pain meds.
Thank you all for your sweet comments. You guys are great!
I can relate. I've been watching Star Trek a lot lately, and thought about the Borg--they don't get migraines. Or do they ~all~ get a migraine? I would just like to shut down, cool down, and ~then~ reboot.
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