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Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're in Topeka

It's a lot like Denver. In fact, it's the only city-type place we've seen since we left home. There's a whole lot of nothing on I-70 in Eastern Colorado and Kansas.

Davin and the kids are at a restaurant. We all tried to go, but Kaywinnet was barking and barking. I was worried that she would (she's in a new place, and she doesn't seem to be feeling well) so I performed an experiment. I called Davin's cell from mine, and left mine on her kennel as we drove away, sort of like a high tech nursery monitor. I muted it so she wouldn't hear us and start carrying on, but carry on she did! Oh my goodness, I'm glad we didn't just leave and hope for the best, we probably would have been asked to leave!

Oh yeah, to tell you why that would be a horror, I should explain to you why we're in Topeka, which technically isn't really on the way to Iowa from my house... We got online last night and tried a few different sites to book a hotel for tonight. Between the dog and the four kids, we're pretty extreme, I guess. The only places we could find on our original route wanted over $200/night. Or, if they had rooms for cheaper, they wanted us to pay for 2 of them! So, we bagged that plan and took the southern route, which only adds 60 miles so it's not that big of a deal.

Anyway, that's why we really didn't want to get kicked out of here. We have about 6 hours of driving ahead of us, and we didn't want to have to do it all tonight. We should get to my mom's house tomorrow afternoon/evening, and then on to Great Grandma Wanda's party on Saturday. Woohoo!

How are you all doing?

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When we traveled with our dog it was interesting to find places that would take her. And we only left her alone in the room once... we learned quickly not to do that. See she was in someplace that wasn't home and we were leaving her! How could we do that?!?! So from then on, we either had the food delivered, or one would go get food for everyone and we ate in the room.
Oh you poor things, I feel so bad for you.

I don't know what to say but...

I hope everything works out your way.
Other than the hotel situation, it's going well. And, even that isn't too bad.

Thanks Renee, it's good to know we're not some kind of rolling freak show!
Jen I've been trying to find you and get in touch with you! it's your friend mahate sara from long time past! I hope your travels are
safe and fun. Let's reconnect! Is your email listed anywhere on this site? I've set up an email account for the explicit purpose of our contact:
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