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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where My Day Went

Yesterday, nine servers at Proboards crashed. This took down the forums that are the main communications for my homeschool group. All of the posts were empty, and the Proboards support team didn't know if we'd have *anything* left when the boards came back up. It was pretty grim, since we have over 27,000 posts. (I just figured it out, we average nearly 1500 posts per month, no wonder I'm hardly ever here any more!)

Because of that, I spent a lot of the day freaking out and staying close to my computer to see if there was any news. The Proboards support forums were up and down as they were overwhelmed with questions from the users of all their crashed servers, so I had to pop in a lot to try to catch them when they were working.

So, this is the sort of stuff I did on my computer yesterday.

I surfed ebay looking for cool fabric for an upcoming sewing project for Sage, and found what may be the creepiest clock in the world. Shudder!

I got caught up on those horrible girls who stole the Girl Scout's Cookie money. Did you read about this? Check out the article, one girl actually said, "We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back. I'm kind of pissed," and the other added, "I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught." In the meantime, while this whole thing is in the news and the girls are being charged (one as an adult), the dumb twits got arrested for dine and dash at a local Denny's! Their parents must be so proud.

I found this most awesome skeleton nativity set while killing time at Etsy. (And you know how I love my nativities!)

Lastly, I found this interesting video. This guy is beatboxing AND playing the flute. He starts off with Inspector Gadget, and I think I heard a little Axel F in there, too. Definitely far more entertaining than anything I've ever been able to play!

Of course, now it occurs to me that I probably could have done some cleaning or something. Oh well!

In case you're worried, the boards are back up now, and we didn't lose much. I had to fix some formatting issues, but it was pretty much business as usual this morning. Can I get a "Hallelujah"?

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re: should take pictures...

no, I should HAVE taken pictures. Now my fingers are pretty much healed ring finger that got the worst of it is still purplish but the middle finger you can barely tell.

I sprayed that luggage cart with WD40 yesterday so it won't get me again!!!
Glad you got to keep your data :-)

The clown clock was awful. I could've done without seeing that!
Can you imagine anyone actually buying that? There's no accounting for taste.
Hey that guy was turning RED! Not bad, you couldn't do that with a trumpet.

That was a very ugly clock.....who is going to buy that?
Oh, man, I'm gonna have nightmares about that clock!

Those teens who stole the cookie money - they need to be put in jail. You know they're only going to keep stealing, or worse. Clearly no one's ever taught them right from wrong.
Who goes around stealing cookie money?

Thanks for the comments about David. The kidney doctor got to see him almost at his hyperactive best today so he's weaning off steroids. Won't help a whole lot but I'll take what I can get. And he's doing lots of running around now.

I was complaining to my husband about how hyper he was today and his response was, "Send him out to the back yard when you get home."

"Um, it's raining. And it's about 32ยบ"

"Oh yeah."

"I can see it now: 'Hyperactive boy dies of pneumonia; bad white parents forced him to play outside in the sleet; film at 11.' No thanks."

Ha fun fun.

Sorry for blogging in your comments section.
So I was reading through your site for the first time, saw that you were a sci-fi geek and was so excited! I love the sci-fi channel series Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica. But the real reason for the comment...that clock was terrifying!! You sound like a busy mom, but if you get a chance come take a look at my site Bookworm's Review. Thanks!
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