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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Our homeschool group had a Valentine's Day party today. Instead of exchanging Valentines this year, the kids made cards to send to a platoon the group adopted. Also, people brought stuff to donate, so we could send it all along together.

I was SHOCKED at how much stuff there is to send! It filled up the back of my car. That was so cool!

We also ended up with a huge bag of cards and a banner.

I just thought that was neat :-)

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They made some really nice cards too!
YAY for us! Well not me in that US but us us... well ok just YAY! ;)
That IS too cool. Much better to teach the kids to think about others than to worry about getting their own valentines! I love it.
That's good for the kids & good for the troops. Win win situation.

BTW once you start sending stuff to the troops, it's hard to stop. Every time you shop, you shop for stuff for their next care package.
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