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Thursday, March 06, 2008

102 degrees

All day today I felt fine, then the hammer hit around 9pm. Two of the kids are fine, 2 are sick. I'm not sure how/when we're going to get home, I can't see doing 800 miles like this.

But, up until now, we've been having fun. I wonder if you guys can figure out what we went to see yesterday? It's was nerd heaven for us in Riverside, Iowa. I'll post the pictures later, after you all get a chance to guess...

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Good luck with getting home!
h no! I am so sorry you are sick!
Music Man museum?

Sorry to hear that some of you guys got sick during your trip.
I know it sucks to be sick, but it's always better to be home.

I know what you saw, but if I say, I will ruin the guessing game.

BTW I'm jealous ;-)
A quick on google gave me the answer to your quiz...and I was thinking in that direction anyway. ROTFLOL! 22,03,2228

I seem to be sick too...just when DH is finally due back. No hugs & kisses for me. :(
Time to paint the yellow cross on the door!
Just googled the city--I'm dying laughing here! What a great place to see! LOL

Amanda in RI

Hope you're feeling better soon!
I love your blog! Your family is beautiful, I hope you all feel better soon!
The future birthplace of Captain Kirk?
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