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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coming up for air!

This week we've been getting ready for a new co-op session (there were over 70 classes offered this time, which is incredible!) and finishing up with the last session.

In our group, co-op works like an education potluck. Everyone brings something to the table, a class, field trip, party, etc, and then they all get to join in the feast. So, there's a ton of opportunities out there for my kids that aren't necessarily something I could teach them or do for them myself.

For instance, tomorrow, there will be 15 kids dressed as famous people throughout the ages. They will give us a speech as their person, so there's a lot to prepare for. I had to get 3 of mine ready to talk. I now know more than I ever expected to know about Cleopatra, Joan of Arc and Susan B. Anthony! I'll post pictures after it's all over.

So tonight, I have to read through the zillion classes, compare them with my needs and my schedule, and get ready to sign up tomorrow. Whew!

Hopefully I'll be back in here in Tuesday with a little more time on my hands!

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And for us...Juliette Low. I'm about to work on our next classes now. After blogging of course.
I don't know how you homeschoolers do it. Unheralded heroes, you are.
This sounds like fun. Did it go well?
Very cool site!
That sounds like so much fun! I'm trying to muster up hsing thrill right now and only coming to half-mast. Maybe this summer...
You've been coming up for air for a long time now!
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