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Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Psychic! And it doesn't matter!

Tonight, I was sitting at dinner, and this random thought just popped into my head: "You know who we never hear about any more? The Harlem Globetrotters."

Can't you just hear that theme song being whistled in your head, right now as you read this?


So, we come home, I flip on the TV, and guess who's out on tour? Of course, the Harlem Globetrotters! They must have been beaming signals straight into my head, just so I'd be ready when the tickets went on sale.

Fat lot of good it did them, all that direct brain contact with me, because the closest they're coming to my house is OKLAHOMA CITY! That's a long way to drive considering I bet Meadowlark Lemon isn't even still on the team.

(He's not, I checked. He's 75 now.)

My point? Don't really have one. But, I'm not wearing my aluminum foil headgear (or saran wrap bra) right at the moment, so if you want to beam something into my head, feel free. But it darn well better be information I can use, and not about an event going on 700 miles from my house.

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they had a special on them the other night. DH watched a bit of it. It introduced the new team and had some interviews with the veterans. I wasn't that interested so I went to the computer.
I guess it's their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, maybe just tricky basketball players who are not even related. I keep my aluminum foil handy and don't get these creepy vibes in my head ;-)
Wow, you are psychic! :)

Reminds me of a family joke. Daniel came to the dinner table once with his hoodie on (over his head). We asked why and he got his words mixed up when he replied. He said, "I'm protecting the aliens from my thoughts!"

He's never lived it down.
Actually, Jen, they came to the Wal-Mart by our house recently. No, really. Unfortunately, our kids were still in school while they were here. I think they would have really loved seeing those guys.
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