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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Loosy Goosy

You may recall that all of my kids have loose valves in their digestive system. This means that they throw up shockingly easily. Not just when they're sick or confronted with something disgusting, you sort of expect that. We get involuntary uploads if they're running around too much, crying hard, or even if they get excited about something.

"Hey kids, we're going to Disneyland!" we might say.

"Really?" they'd answer, "Wheeeeeee-yarkle YARP YARP!"

Here's an example from last night at the dinner table. We were eating spaghetti and goofing around, and we all got to laughing. Suddenly, Tiernan started to sputter between giggles. That's no problem at Casa de Horde!

He simply excused himself from the table saying, "Uh oh, I'd better go laugh over the toilet."

I wonder when the fraternities will start calling to recruit him?

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LOL!!! Thank goodness none of our kids got my gag reflex. Mike laughs at me because I end up dry heaving every single morning when I brush my teeth. You name it, it triggers my gag reflex.

At least they are well trained and go laugh over the toilet (which would be a great MadTV skit)
Well I'm so glad that the kids are old enough to excuse themselves to a more appropriate collection vessel if they feel the urge to hurl! So no trashbags necessary last night? YAY!
I think the fraternities already have. My 600th post is now up!
That's hilarious! He showed some grown up behavior by leaving the table and going to up-chuckle over the toilet.
My son used to barf so easily when he was little.
I remember those years of pulling the van over PRONTO whenever we passed something smelly or whenever he said, "I'm gonna throw up."

That sums it up perfectly!
It's good that you have them trained to run when they have to up-chuckle (that is a good one).

My youngest used to vomit when she cried too hard, but, thank goodness, she outgrew that stage years ago.
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