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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Plant sex is dragging me down! A migraine whine post. You may skip this...

I mean, isn't that what pollen is, the reproduction method of plants? Well, it stinks! I understand that plants have to do that for us all to survive, but could they be more responsible in their sexual habits, and not sow their wild oats willy nilly into the wind? I really don't want to be involved in their baby plant making at all, if I can avoid it.

I have had a headache non-stop for weeks now from the pollen. Most of the time it's just a dull roar. But, from time to time it explodes into a migraine, and I've had a lot of those lately.

If a migraine was just a bad headache that you could get over in a bit, I think I'd be more OK with the process. But it's not. It's like a 2 to 3 day attack, and it wrecks you. Before anything else happens I get stupid, and words won't come. Sometimes I slur my speech and get clumsy. Unfortunately, sometimes in this part of the attack, I really am stupid and don't recognize that's what's happening. It's like someone has taken over my brain.

Then, the nausea, pain, and light and sound sensitivity can come out of nowhere (it seems like to me) and knock me flat. I never used to throw up with the migraines, but I started to in the last year. So, now I have medicine I can shoot up my nose, because if I take the other stuff and throw it up, I can end up in the ER. I'm glad to have the nasal spray, it's a little unpleasant, but the other alternative is a self-administered shot which I've done a lot, or the ER like I said. So this gives me a lot more control over my situation.

The meds I have are pretty awesome, and most of the time I'm not in bad shape painwise for more than 2-4 hours. Considering that there are folks out there who don't have access to meds, or can't find a protocol that works and end up down for days, that's really not bad. But, the meds have their own issues. Oftentimes, between the narcotic painkiller and the vasoconstrictor and just the relief of being out of pain, I can't sleep after an attack. So, what has already taken a day or more between the stupids and the pain, usually sucks up the next night which wrecks the next day. Not that I'm really back to normal by then anyway, but I can usually pass.

So, an attack can take anywhere up to 3 days to fully get over. And then, thanks to the plants, I'm usually working up to another one. This time of year, it's pretty common for me to have 2 migraines a week, and sometimes 3. It will get better in a little bit, but right now it sucks to have to carry my head around. I've asked if I can have it removed, but my neurologist doesn't seem to want to do that for me. (She's also poohpoohed my Matrix jack implant idea.) Sigh.

That's it, my whine is complete. Come back tomorrow and I'll try to post something less crabby :-)

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I'm sorry that your head is feeling like it might explode. hugs

those mean old plants.
Mean old SLUTTY plants, you mean...

Thanks, Renee, I'm heading off to bed.
Oh, I'm so sorry! I've only had a migraine a handful of times in my life and I truly just wanted to sleep it off or die. I hope that those slutty plants go procreate outside of the area where you are currently breathing.
You can't take those plants anywhere. They just don't know how to behave.

Seriously, I'm sorry you're feeling poorly :-(
Oh yeah, Erica is dealing with this right now. The 'stupids' are something I definitly see going on (beyond being a teen). She is sleeping today, thank goodness for sleep meds!!!

Two or three migraines a week??!!!!
You poor thing!
I am so sad to hear that you suffer so terribly with these awful headaches.
I am certainly impressed by the fact that you still find a way to home school your kids and do other things even with these hitonious headaches.
Ooh, bonus points to Jamie Dawn for working "hitonious" into her post :-)
I just saw this post... I'm so sorry that you are dealing with these almost constant migraine issues! You're amazing to keep everything going at home and on the boards while fighting off the effects of the irresponsible sex habits of promiscuous plants!

Feel better soon...
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