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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Uh oh...

This weekend, I was trying to whisper something into Maya's ear (she's one of the 10 year olds) and she whipped her head around to give me her other ear. I asked if there was something wrong with the first one and she said, "Oh yeah, that one doesn't work any more..."

What? When did this happen? She said she thinks it happened when she she was 4 or so, and watching Teletubbies on the couch. That's SIX YEARS ago!

I took this opportunity to remind all of the kids that if a body part of theirs quits working, they should tell one of us about it right away. (Sometimes I can not believe the stuff I have to tell my children.)

The pediatrician said that it isn't earwax or a fluid buildup, and recommended that we see an audiologist. He refused to speculate about what might be going like any good mom I looked it up on the internet.

It's unlikely it's in infection, because the tympanogram was fine, and everything looked good (that's still what I'm hoping for, though.)

This is one of the times where having identical twins is cool! There are a host of genetic abnormalities that could cause long term hearing loss, but we have a perfect control subject who doesn't have any of those issues. Also, they've pretty much had the same courses of meds (no ototoxic ones) and have been exposed the same environment. I can't think of an accident or injury that Maya's had that would affect her hearing, but it's possible.

So, I'm back to hoping it's an infection, although that's already pretty much been ruled out...

Any ideas? We should be setting up the appointment with the audiologist tomorrow.

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I don't have any ideas, but you should ask Heather as she just went though this with Toby. He's doing much better since the he yells all the time because he likes it. :eyeroll!:
I was hoping he's say it was tubes, but the tympanogram says there's no fluid buildup. That's why I'm puzzled. If there's fluid, it's not where it would be released through the ear drum.

That was cool when they did that with Anya, and I even remember it as a kid. All of a sudden you're in a whole new world...
I'm sorry to say that I have no ideas either. It is so like a kid to not bring up something like having an ear that doesn't work.

Wishing you guys the best outcome.
That must have been scary to be told their ear doesn't work anymore!
Wow, how scary Jen. I would want to know if she is hearing a ringing sometimes.
Crazy! I hope you get some answers soon.
"and watching Teletubbies on the couch."

I'd heard the show was kind of dull, but I had no idea that the Teletubbies spent all their time on the couch.
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