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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Somebody call Geordi LaForge!

I think there's been an anomaly in the space-time continuum!

Somehow, even though no time has passed, and I haven't aged at all, Anya has gone from this:
Anya is new

To this!
Anya is 13

Happy 13th Birthday, my super-preemie Anya Marie! We love you XOXOXOX I'm going to go throw up now...

(Stay tuned, more updates coming!)

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I swear to you, I was just thinking about you today, and saying to myself, "Self, you must go check on Jen now." Now I know're either pregnant or just sick (with joy, I can only presume) over the teendom of your precious daughter.

BTW, we spent an hour in a therapist's office today, explaining to her how our daughter turned into an imp of Satan upon turning 13. Better luck to y'all!

She can't be 13 yet!

BTW: DD just got her first ID card. :p
Wow....congratulations Jen and Anya...13.....I'm going to go throw up now too!
Happy Birthday Anya!!

13 hasn't been bad on us at fact 13 is nearly 14 now and still a great kid err...teen.

(By the way: As for the 'Job' I am the part time reference assistant at the library)
Isn't it nice how God shares these miracles with us sometimes.
Amazing! My oldest turned 14 a couple months ago and it's weird that she's that old (and I'm that old!). But really neat, too.

I can handle the growing up part, I'm just not so sure about the moving away part!
I thought I heard Trek talk over here ;-)

Please convey my birthday felicitations to Anya.

My youngest cubelet is 14, and my oldest is 18. Beware. You are approaching some of the most interesting times in childrearing.
you're alive! :)

Happy Birthday to Anya! I felt the same way a couple of weeks ago when Eli turned 12. Sigh, it's going by too fast!

Does your daughter share a birthday with the now-14-year-old #1 Son? Awesome. And, of course, scary. Good mothering going on there.
Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful and very smiley Anya!!!!

It's good to visit here again.

Happy Birthday! How have you been Jen, what's the group up to for Halloween? I've become a grandma since we last spoke - I posted pics of the darling on my site - I've been super busy - my mother-in-law passed a way a few weeks ago and 2 days after she passed, my grandson was born. Getting ready for the holidays and a cookie party. ;0
Wow! Happy (belated) Birthday Anya... what a milestone!

She is definitely a miracle child, you should take her back to the NICU and show them all how wonderfully she's turned out. (I took R back once and one of the nurses that helped take care of her was there. She couldn't believe how well she was doing... We took pictures, it was cool)
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