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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a day!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a little bit, I ran out of town last week on the train (awesome way to travel!) and I've been in Iowa helping my sister through some bad stuff. Not the least of which was a surgery to remove her gall bladder yesterday.

The surgery went well, but they were having a hard time getting her pain under control afterward. She's on some pretty serious painkillers every day after a series of botched surgeries in the military, so the stuff they were giving her just wasn't helping. And they were insisting that nothing else could be done, and that Julie just needed to relax. I'm a big believer in relaxing and breathing and all that, but there's a point where that's just not going to help, and Julie was long past it.

I turned into the Nurse's Nightmare, and pretty soon they had a cocktail that knocked the pain down a little, and allowed her to sleep. Then I just needed to make sure they were getting them on board on time all day, but they were really good about that. I wasn't quite as bad as this scene, but I was ready to go here if needed. (That part of the movie always makes me cry.)

Then, in the midst of dealing with all this, we got word back from Sage's biopsy. Her growth was the kind of birthmark I'd suspected, and he recommends surgery. The good thing is that there's no cancer in it right now, thank God! So, I'm at the hospital dealing with two sets of surgeons all day...

To add to all that, Davin called to tell me that the reason the dog keeps throwing up is that there's something metal obstructing her intestines and she needs immediate...wait for it... yep, surgery! It turns out she'd eaten a jingle bell AND a magnet and not only was her intestine obstructed, it was perforated. They expect her to be OK, it looks like we caught it right in time.

So, I need to set a surgery on the calendar today for Sage, and go get Julie from the hospital. And, Davin's picking up Kaywinnet from the vet.

So, it's all good, but it's all overwhelming, too. I need a minute to have a nervous breakdown, then I'll get back on track!

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Thinking about you and your family!! Hope all goes well with all the surgeries.
I'm not sure why the video isn't working on the board. Maybe I'll switch it to a link for you.

Yeah, I can so totally see that happening. I don't understand why the nurses are so stingy with pain meds in the hospital. They wouldn't give me any more motrin (MOTRIN!!!) cuz it had only been 6 hours...I had to wait until it had been 8. I shudda had DH bring me some more motrin from home! I'll know better if there is ever a next time. My doc was fine with me having more meds!

I know you've been very busy. We miss you and are praying for everyone....well maybe not "everyone" ;)
Glad it went well for you, Jen.
Good grief! I hope your sister shapes up soon and your life gets to post-surgery in a hurry.

I threw a hissy fit like that when my mom went into the hospital for the last time because they had her more drugged up than she needed to be and she couldn't even move or express herself when she wanted to. It was the last time I saw my mom. Ick.

Things will need to be better very soon!
Oh, and one day I think it might be fun to go Amtrak, without the children. We had quite the trip going from Cincinnati through Kansas, then down to Texas and back one year. Never again.
WOw! That is a lot at once. I will be thinking of you and Sage and Julie and the dog.

Oh my goodness, you have a full plate on your table. I'm wishing you all my best. I really do.
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