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Friday, January 16, 2009


Guess who vacuumed my house today?

My seven year old son!

He's a good-hearted kid, and eager to please, but normally I don't give him a lot of responsibility. He has a freakishly short attention span...unless he's involved in some form of demolition. Therefore, whatever task I set him to may start well, but it ends in an explosion and a giant mess. And tears, often from me.

But, today, I got to thinking about it. He likes machines. The vacuum cleaner is a machine. He likes things with wheels, the vacuum cleaner has wheels! When you think about it, it's basically a power tool, right?

It was AWESOME! He vacuumed the heck out of my carpet (and trust me, there was a lot of heck in there to suck out!) He was having such a great time that he didn't want it to end! I think he's in love...

Wait until I show him the hose and the attachments, I may have to buy him his own. That's OK, it's worth it!

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LOL! Hummm If he needs more floors to vacuume...there's always my house! I'll even pick him up and drive him home.

Next you can get him to mow the yard...once it stopps snowing of course!
That's really Renee. @@ Google has a hard time figuring out when she stopps blogging even though we've changed accounts.
I'm not comfortable with him mowing the lawn yet. Too much potential to lose an arm or pet into the blades...
Well, then, how about a riding vacuum sweeper? I'll be he would love that.
Ooh yeah, then he can learn cornering techniques and use them when he's a race car driver!
Your son sounds like my son in some ways.
My Taylor can get restless when he has too much downtime. When this happens, he starts pacing around the house, looking for things to "tinker" with.
With boys like this, we moms need to keep then active.
Taylor is 18 and in college now, but he's that same kid inside.
Cute post. I can so relate.
Hooray for vacuuming!!!!
Excellent. A win-win situation. Send him over to my house next ;-)
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