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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa....

During a conversation I had with my Dad the other day, he expressed his disappointment that I haven't been blogging much. There was nothing I could do but hang my head in shame and promise to do better.

Part of the problem is that I have been goofing off way too much on Facebook (I'm Jen Lindner-Green if you want to "friend" me.) It's very different from blogging, but I get more feedback there and I keep hooking up with old friends so I just sort of gravitated off in that direction. I am ever so sorry. You guys deserve better. Do you still love me?

Another part of the problem is that Sage finally had that precancerous birthmark removed in a surgery that turned into a big gory mess (but I got to watch the procedure, which was most excellent!) The recovery has been a lot more stressful than it would normally be. The bad news: They expect a great deal of bleeding during scalp surgery, and while we like to see Sage exceed all expectations, we don't mean stuff like this. It really was pretty awful. The good news: She is 100% cancer free, and this surgery shouldn't need to be repeated. So, as soon as we get her healed up, she's done, duh duh done (think "Dragnet" for the tune to that) with this whole experience.

Other than that, all is good! Homeschooling is ripping right along, and we get to go to the County Coroner's Office in March. We were supposed to go last year, but we were still suffering from the Iowa Death Flu. So, YAY, we're taking the kids to the morgue (temporarily)!

Oh, yeah, and Twilight has taken over our lives. We loves us some Twilight. We are planning to move to Forks and buy a house next door to the Cullens. So, the stalking has taken up a bit of time, not to mention trying to hide from the Volturri and the werewolves...

Seriously, between taking different groups of kids, etc, I've seen the movie 5 times in the theater. Me, the grownup! I was thinking hard the other day, trying to remember the last time I'd seen a movie more than once or twice in the actual theater... Not counting movies I've watched while only wearing a bra and slip, can you guess what the last movie was that I saw 5 times in the theater? Click here for the answer! Were you right? Let me know in the comments.

Anyhoo, I'm here. I will be here more often, because it breaks my heart to disappoint my Dad. I love you, Dad!

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Okay, I did not quess the "Empire Strikes Back." Got me on that one. Glad to see you back to blogging, though.
I shudda known the movie, but I didn't. oh well.

and seeing as I'm already your friend, I get to chat with you lots the blogging thing wasn't bugging me.

But I'm glad you posted.
I've only seen Twilight once, and that was a pirated online version. I'd like to read the rest of the books but I have to reserve them at the library and wait my turn.

I don't think I've ever seen a movie more than once in the theater, now that I think about it.
Oh my! No, I didn't guess that one. I am sure I've seen the LOTR movies multiple times but not in the theatre. I never see anything in the theatre anymore.

Facebook is just way too fun. I think I need a 12-step program for it.
Could never figure out the facebook thing. I'm still blogging. today I did a TT although it's not around anymore.
Good to know Sage has come through it all...I'll have to get the Latin book out for the title.
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