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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sage's Stitches are OUT!!!!

It's been 2 weeks since her surgery, and today the stitches came out.

Because they had to go so deep to remove all of the affected tissue, she's got about a zillion stitches inside, but those will dissolve and we don't need to worry about them. Today they just took out the ones on the surface.

They said she's looking good, and that she'll still probably be worn out sometimes because of how the procedure went, but that just having the stitches out should make her feel better. Whew!

Yesterday, I took her and some other tweens out to see Twilight. Yeah, again. Actually, I saw it once in the interim without telling you guys, so this was the 7th time. Yes, I understand that I have a problem... What of it?

Anyway, yesterday was the first time she was able to get a shower and go out and do stuff for any length of time. Yay for Sage! So, I think she's starting to really recover, either that or the Twilight movie has some magical healing powers. Given the migraine I ended up with yesterday, I'm pretty sure it's the former, or maybe it just doesn't work for old people?

Either way, I'm glad to see her up and about more!

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I'm glad she's doing so much better. And glad that you enjoyed your movie...again. ;)

I think you just like that vampire guy. ;)
I did enjoy my movie.

I don't really "like" the vampire guy, though, he's sort of a creepy stalker, really. And, he's far too young, if I want to hang out with kids I have a whole bunch of them here! I'm still not sure what the appeal is, I just know that it makes me happy :-)
Yay for Sage! This is good news.

My youngest is 14 and she's a big fan of Twilight. She devoured the books and has seen the movie once.

We were shopping at Hot Topic looking for Twilight stuff for her friend's birthday present, but none of the shirts appealed to her. She didn't want to ask, so I went over and asked one of the clerks if there were any Edward shirts and he produced one from a box that had just come in. A few squeals later, we walked out with two Edward shirts, one for the birthday girl and one for herself.

Yeah, she is smitten.
Happy to hear that Sage's stitches are out.
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