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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Take care of your gums, kiddos...

...because I had a gum graft today, and I tell you that I'd rather have given birth. I thought THAT was a bad place to get stitches, but that was before I had these. New winner!

And, it's disgusting to boot, it just keeps oozing and oozing blood everywhere, which would be fine if I didn't have to taste it. I have no idea how vampires can stand this.

So, if you want to come look at the injuries (the stitched up area, or the top of my mouth where they took the tissue from) you MUST bring me a milkshake, and do your best to score me some narcotics. Otherwise just stay away, because I'm mighty grumpy.

>:-| I can't even frown, I just have to make a straight face with angry eyebrows.

Gotta run, need to spit...

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(((Poor Jen!)))

i wish I had a bunch of drugs & a milkshake for you. I've had oral surgery isn't fun, and mine wasn't even 1/10 of what you had done.

Get lots of rest and feel better soon.
It all sounds so gory, Jen.
I am fairly impressed by your ability to work in vampires in this topic, hmmm

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