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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It BETTER snow tomorrow!

We haven't had nearly enough snow this year, and when that happens the whole state is on fire all summer. The forecast is now saying 8-15" for the metro area, how much do you suppose we'll actually get?

I'm holding out for a LOT. Remember this amazing blizzard from 2006? That was great! We need more like that.

If any of you have any pull, send us some extra snow! We'll thank you now, and we'll be thanking again you this summer when we can roast our marshmallows while camping!

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I would rather it rain a blizzard, but I'll take the wet anyway I can get it at this point!
Yeah, they already cancelled school for my kids which has happiness abounding (my mom is visiting to keep chaos under control). We really do need this moisture. However I still have to go to Target, sigh.

Why be keen to get snow? I hate snow.
I'm such a sissy when it comes to cold and snow.
You can have ALL our cold weather, but we don't get hardly any snow, so I can't pass that along to you.
The only blizzards I like come from Dairy Queen.

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