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Monday, March 09, 2009

Lost Weekend

While there were plenty of drugs, they weren't the "good kind" and this wasn't quite the party mayhem you'd expect of a lost weekend. I had a frakking migraine that just wouldn't die, all weekend long!

It started last Friday, and I didn't feel somewhat human again until this morning.

When this happens, I get very afraid. A few years ago, I ended up in a situation where I living a pretty non-stop migraine. It ended up being partially due to the medications my neuro at the time was throwing at me to treat them, which resulted in a pretty ugly 6 week cold turkey period that I'd really rather never do again. >shudder< Sending a special thanks out to everyone who put up with me during that period, because I was not a happy camper...

Today, I started searching for reasons why I'd had such a long, horrible attack this time. I started to wonder if I had a sinus infection. About this time two years ago, I had a sinus infection that I was completely unaware of. My neuro told me that could have been causing some migraine issues at the time, so I thought it could well be happening again.

So today, even though it's hard to describe head pain to a doc when your head hurts all the time, the appointment went well. The doc was pretty patient, and a peek into all the orifices in my head told him I was indeed suffering from a sinus infection.

Yay me! I know it sounds silly to cheer, but I'm so glad it's something that isn't chronic and can be fixed pretty readily. I got 'scrips for 2 meds and an OTC nose spray, and I'm feeling pretty glad about the whole thing.

I wish I had more to report from this amazing lost weekend, but I'm sure you can fill it all in for yourself. Imagine me, the tragic heroine, in my beautiful housecoat and perfect hair and makeup, lying stoically in the semi-darkness while my friends and family speak in hushed tones about how brave I was being, and what an inspiration I am to everyone who meets me, and you'll be just about right. Well, maybe 50% right. Or less. OK, add in some whining and curse words...oh and don't forget the lank, smelly hair (no way I'm scrubbing my head when it already hurts!) and you're probably much closer to what really happened.

When they make the movie of my life, I'd like it be more like the first description, OK? Jennifer Connelly could play me, and in between takes she could tell me all about how cool it was to work with David Bowie in Labyrinth, that might make this whole ordeal worthwhile. Well, not really, but it wouldn't hurt!

Happy Monday.

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I'm so glad you figured out why you were in such pain and now have the meds on board to tackel this thing. Sorry it took your entire weekend though. HUGS
I should have figured it out earlier, because I had that weird fever last week, but no other symptoms. Duh, infection!
Glad you're feeling better, Jen. Make sure you finish your course of antibiotics. I know I'm nagging. I'll stop now.
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