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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things you shouldn't have to tell your children.

Never bet a kid who just farted that he can't fart again. There will be cleanup involved...


LOL, yes those sound like words of wisdom...especially if you have a son.

RYC -Bute is phenylbutazone, it's a pain reliever for horses, donkeys, etc. (maybe cattle too, I don't know...)it's a non-steroidal anti inflammatory (NSAID).
I am so glad I have a girl...who isn't into farting.
Very good to know!
My sister once had a room mate in college who would try to make herself fart... I know of at least 2 occasions where she tried so hard to fart, something else happened, and clean up was required. Hopefully this is something that Tiernan will grow out of. :)
Gas X works for all ages ya know, I have been threatening Tamarin with it before car trips

Lordy! I'd hold off on serving beans at your house.
Ha, ha, tee, hee, snort... GROSS!!!
Oh well, you asked for it!

Kids have unlimited ways in which to gross us moms out.
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