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Friday, June 05, 2009


We're leaving tomorrow morning to do some camping, we'll be back home in 9 days. Hopefully, I'll get to blog a little from the road, we should have wi-fi available in at least some of our stops...

We figured we'll be going through 5 states, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. This will be much less driving than our 2007 trip, that really was something. (We went through Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Kansas, if I haven't forgotten anything.)

So, check here, and I hope I'll have posts for you.

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I haven't camped in years - and I miss it. Please let us know of your favorite spots - the highlights, lowlights and a few photos of the inbetween.....

Have a great time!!
Have a good time! We're going to 2 camps in 2 weeks (in 2 different states) so I'll be gone too. Unfortunately, they're both out in the wi-fi, no cell coverage. Ouch.
My brother is getting snow in Northern Wyoming (Sheridan)...hope your weather is okay and you're surviving!

Have fun!!!!!
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